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Dealing with Learner Drivers

Adhering to speed limits

Encourage the learner to keep to the speed limits and teach them on the dangers of speeding.

Guarantee that they check their speedometer on a regular basis. Every now and then ask the learner what the speed limit is on the present road to inspire them to make regular observations.

Being road aware

Encourage the learner to use the car mirrors repeatedly to determine the road environment.

Remember to help the learner watch out for dangers as new drivers can feel overwhelmed when attempting to handle the technical skills of driving, and also the environment around them.

Always present an ´L plate´ on the back window when the driver is a learner. This makes various other drivers aware that the driver before is a learner, and quite often they will be more patient.

Prevent taking the learner into hectic traffic roads at first, because will place them under tremendous tension and can even lower their confidence in their driving ability. Start with calmer roads, or perhaps the parking lot, so there are less road and surroundings dangers to look out for, up until the learner is positive about controlling the car.

The role of other drivers

Most drivers are polite and patient with learner drivers. However, some drivers turn out to be violent and drive dangerously by overpowering a learner driver. Tailgating and unsafe overtaking are the most popular driving misdemeanours where learner drivers are concerned, as well as verbal abuse, hooting or rude hand gestures.

Remember that you were once a learner driver! It´s unfair to treat a learner driver with disrespect or impatience. Attempt to try this advice when confronted with a learner driver on the road:

  • Be patient and prevent hooting.
  • Do not speed past them or overtake them in a dangerous or ruthless manner.
  • Don´t show your lights their way.
  • Be concious of their driving and be prepared to break or swerve from their way if they go wrong.


  • Parents or approved driving instructors must educate learner drivers in a calm and inspiring manner.
  • Several learner drivers lack confidence behind the wheel, so positive support and helpful criticism can grow their self-esteem and mould them into competent drivers.
  • Teach the learner driver to know of the road atmosphere, maintain a check up on her or his speed and watch out for road signs along the route.

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