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Safe Driving

Driving under the influence

The effect that liquor has on a person's body is dependent on the amount of alcoholic beverages that their brain is subjected to. Considering that the alcohol extends to the brain through the bloodstream, a easy measure of intoxication is the quantity of liquor inside a person's blood. However, a 120kg rugby player has more blood in his body than a 50kg ballerina, so the identical level of alcoholic beverages will affect the ballerina much more than it will affect the rugby player.

Legal Limit

Everybody reacts differently to alcohol, and elements for instance body weight, medication use and ability to tolerate alcoholic beverages might all affect your reaction. A general rule would be to allow for one hour to pass for every drink for the effects to wear off (on average you can deduct 0.01g/ml for each hour of not drinking).

Designated Drivers

If you are going out with a bunch of buddies or family, always appoint someone to be a designated driver, who will not be drinking alcohol. If no one is willing to be the designated driver,pay for a driver through one of the companies that offer a service to drive you home safely in your own car.

If you're the designated driver, try these great non-alcoholic alternatives:

  • Fruit juice spritzer
  • Virgin cocktails
  • Lime cordial and soda
  • Fruit smoothie


  • Drunk drivers make up many of road fatalities in South Africa.
  • Even small amounts of alcoholic beverages may affect your reaction time and cause visible impairment.
  • How you react to alcohol depends on your weight, tolerance and any medicine you are taking.
  • The legalised driving limit for alcohol in South Africa is below 0.05g/100ml.
  • Driving drunk can get you in jail, with a hefty fine or with a suspended licence.

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