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How to drive safely and responsibly

Drive safe by wearing a seatbelt

Most fatal vehicle accidents originate from the driver and passengers not wearing his or her seatbelts. Wearing seatbelts is essential by the government, so be sure you buckle up whenever and do not carry more passengers than you have seatbelts for.

It is just as crucial that you wear a seatbelt in the backseat, particularly in a roll-over accident also to prevent being thrown ahead. A study in the year 2004 by the Journal with the American Medical Association, revealed that unbelted backseat passengers increase the potential for death of the front seat passengers by 20%


Pay attention to the road

It simply takes a second of being diverted from the road for a car wreck to occur. For instance changing the radio station, having your music too loud in your car, looking at a roadmap or eating while driving. Some drivers will even try to put on make-up, read a magazine or talk and SMS messages on a cellphone while driving! These activities are all major distractions from your driving and are highly likely to cause accidents.

Mobile phones, in particular, are becoming a massive problem with drivers today. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the risk of vehicle accident is four times higher when driving and speaking over a cellphone. And don´t believe that a hands-free kit is often a safe option: You may have both your hands around the wheel yet your focus is not on the road.

SMSing and driving is all the more unsafe, because not only is your driving concentration diminished, but your sight are averted from your road. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute did an investigation in 2009 determined that in moments before a collision or near crash, drivers put in close to five seconds checking out their phone to send out or get messages. That is enough time, at a highway speed, to cover the length of a rugby field. Turn it off to avoid temptation.

Indicate you intent

Constantly utilize your indicator before turning please remember to turn it off after you have switched lanes or turned. Letting other drivers to see your intent to switch lanes or turn can greatly reduce your chance of an accident.

Make sure you will only overtake on the right-hand side and don't on a blind curve, hill or solid line.


  • Driving safely and responsibly entails abiding by the road laws, concentrating on the road environment and not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The main source of road accidents is caused by speeding, and plenty of fatalities happen from not wearing a seatbelt.
  • Avoid distractions including talking on your cellphone, tuning the radio or eating while driving, as these may take your current attention away from the road.
  • Always show your intention to switch or change lanes and stay away from overtaking on blind curves.
  • Never drive after drinking or take drugs and drive, and don´t become a passenger to this kind of driver that does that.

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